You have options when it comes to your vision. 


Prescription Type

How the lenses correct your vision

Non-Prescription lenses contain no vision correcting properties. Although, no prescription is required from a doctor, they can include view EZView Blue Light coating to help prevent digital eye strain.

Single Vision lenses are most common. They can contain nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatism prescriptions as well as prism for eye alignment issues. 

Progressive lenses are usually prescribed in patients at age 40 and beyond. They correct for a condition called presbyopia, which is the natural aging of the eyes that makes it hard to focus on things up close. Progressive lenses allow for perfectly clear vision at a distance, at the computer and for reading things closer to your face. Progressive lenses are also known as no-line bifocals. 



Lens Additions

What else the lens can do

ClearView non-glare coating comes standard on all of the lenses from Jackson Eye Glasses online. This coating helps reduce reflections from the surface of your lenses that cause glare. It also improves the look of your glasses in pictures and in person and also provides a degree of scratch resistance.

EZView Blue Light lenses include a non-glare coating and also help protect from digital eye strain. Read more here.

SunView transitioning sun lenses automatically tint to sunglasses when exposed to UV light from the sun. Lenses with this coating are convenient because you don't always have to worry about switching between two pairs of glasses.


Lens Materials

What the lens is made of

Polycarbonate lenses come standard at Jackson Eye. This material makes the lenses thinner, more lightweight and more impact resistant than basic plastic lenses. They also provide UV protection. 

High Index lenses materials allow for the thinnest and most lightweight lenses. They are recommended for adults with prescriptions stronger than +/- 4.00. We don't usually recommend high index lenses for kids, because they are not as impact resistant as lenses made of polycarbonate.